About Gigaleaf

Gigaleaf is a boutique creative studio specialising in helping small businesses expand their brands visually.

Founded in 2021, we believe every brand has the potential to grow … well, with the right visuals.

Why Gigaleaf?

We didn’t just want any name & logo, it needed to have meaning; people must remember it.

We love nature, leaves, balance, fresh air, Gods amazing art.
GIGA means to think big, think out of the box, dream, have goals, goal driven.

Hope is the belief things will work, especially when it seems otherwise.
Faith comes first
; hope follows.

A LEAF, for our founder, personally was her hope & believe in Jesus Christ.

Almond trees blossom in late winter, in the middle of Israel’s rainy season. They’re the first trees to blossom in Israel, making them an ancient Jewish symbol of renewal, hope, and diligence.

So GIGALEAF was formed.

Meet our Founder

Hello, I’m Jana

I drink too much tea because it brings good memories, it’s warm when it is cold, its soothing when its warm and you get such pretty tea cups/mugs.

I love being creative, the imperfect art, flowers, did I mention mint! Oh my, mint chocolate, soft chewy mints whilst working, liquorice mint; now doesn’t that put a smile on your face.

My husband and I have been blessed with two beautiful, AMAZING children, they are the inspiration for us to believe and be unstoppable, to keep going and never give up.